LCGC BIOANALYTIC SOLUTIONS LLP are Pioneers in the Field of Analytical Instruments offering wide range of products for Application in Pharma, Food, Feed, Fertiliser, Agricultural, Cement, Chemical, Research Institutes etc. We offer Analytical testing solutions to industry sectors that place high demands on accuracy and reliability and for whom long-lasting partnerships, flexibility, and continuous attention to service are essential requirements. Today, LCGC has a wide network in all major cities with team of highly skilled Sales & Service support Engineers. We look forward to provide Analytical Solutions which meet your demands for Precise & Accurate Analysis reports.

Our Success Mantra : It is essential that the customers' equipment routinely produces accurate results and functions without problems. To ensure this, we start with comprehensive consultancy and project planning through to installation, testing, and user training. Our customer service approach offers maximum support if and when things do occasionally go wrong. Why do we offer this? Well, so that our customers stay with us in the long-term and so that we can continually learn from our customers' experiences. This is the only way to achieve long-lasting success…

From Farmers handling moisture meter to Space Research Scientist designing Rockets our products finds its application….
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