Entry level Comparator Kits. The Checkit Test Block Series offers accurate measurement in pocket size kits.

Sample is collected in the test block, a tablet reagent added, and the resulting colour change is measured on the printed colour scale provided.

Clear colour scales and the reassurance of the LovibondĀ® Tablet Reagent quality allows for accurate dependable testing in any environment.
Product Name Type Test Name Range
Aluminium Checkit AF520 Test Block Aluminium 0-0.5 mg/l
Ammonia Checkit AF521 Test Block Ammonia 0-1 mg/l
Chlorine (DPD) CHECKIT AF530 Test Block Chlorine 0.2-8 mg/l
Chlorine High Range Checkit AF536 Test Block Chlorine (total) 10-160 mg/l
Copper (free/total) Checkit AF542 Test Block Copper 0-5 mg/l
Copper Checkit AF522 Test Block Copper 0-0.8 mg/l; 1-4 mg/l
Hydrogen Peroxide Checkit AF533 Test Block Hydrogen Peroxide 0.2-100 mg/l
Iron Checkit AF524 Test Block Iron 0-0.8 mg/l; 1-10 mg/l
Nitrate Checkit AF525 Test Block Nitrate 0.2-1 mg/l as N
Nitrite Checkit AF526 Test Block Nitrite 0.05-0.5 mg/l as N
Phosphate Checkit AF527 Test Block Phosphate 0-80 mg/l
Phosphate Low Range Checkit AF540 Test Block Phosphate 0.5-4 mg/l
Zinc Checkit AF535 Test Block Zinc 0-4 mg/l
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