With the new microwave digestion device, speedwave Entry is focusing on what's important:

- Easy handling
- High level of safety during digestion
- Low operating costs

Productive, compact and robust
Thanks to its size, speedwave Entry is particularly well suited to flexible laboratory use. The combination of space-saving design and ease of use makes it particularly attractive for use in routine analysis, training or study.

Examples of use:
- Agriculture

Grains, nutrients

- Food and feed
Beverages, animal products, fruit, dairy products, oils

- Environment
Filters, soils, sediments, sludge, Water, waste water

- Medicine
Tissue, blood, hair
In modern analytics, tasks must be carried out quickly, easily and flawlessly. Especially in trace analysis, systematic errors can be reduced to a minimum with the help of modern microwave digestion devices.

First class digestion results with speedwave Entry
- Avoid sample contamination through corrosion-resistant oven coating and gas collection system
- High digestion quality and extremely low blank values thanks to vessels made of isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE
- Easy handling thanks to innovative vessel design and and QuickStart control
- Constant sample temperature and digestion process results through the power control system in dependence on sample temperature
- 20% faster cooling and therefore higher sample throughput through additional exhaust unit
- Complete reaction control due to optical temperature measurement
Speedwave Entry Brochure
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