Pressure digestion systems for closed acid digestion

More than 30 years ago Berghof developed the "classic" stainless steel pressure vessel, thus introducing pressure digestion into thousands of laboratories around the world.
With their ease of filling and continuous digestion process achieved by uniform heating, lab technicians will find pressure digestion systems from Berghof easy to use. They are quickly integrated into routine laboratory procedures or can even do their work "overnight", so that personnel and resources required for other lab tasks are not tied down.

Pressure digestion vessels from Berghof are the systems of choice when it comes to difficult samples, large sample masses, or in labs that value high levels of flexibility. Typical digestion times lie in the range of 2-4 hours. For difficult to digest samples (e.g., SiC), the ability to extend digestion time for practically any desired period represents a decisive advantage. Microwave units cannot be employed for such applications. An additional advantage over microwave systems lies in the fact that larger sample quantities (e.g., 2 g organic samples) can be digested because of the larger available pressure range up to 200 bar / 2900 psi.
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