Spectro 23 RS is a traditional analytical instrument used in conventional laboratories with advanced technology of built-in interface RS-232C. The interface enables this spectrophotometer to communicate with any IBM compatible computer and printer. With the RS-232C port and the UV-VIS software, it enables this instrument to be linked to a computer and a printer to display the photometric and spectral data on the PC monitor. The superior machinery of Spectro 23 RS analyzes, stores, records, and prints test results swiftly and consistently. This spectrophotometer can work in the Visible, Near-Ultraviolet, and Near Infrared Spectral Range and it is perfectly suited for quantitative and qualitative analysis. This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced ease-of-use, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results. This new generation instrument is equipped with a microprocessor to automatically adjust 100 % T and Zero ABS, Factor and Concentration.
- A very durable instrument.
- Test tube holder and large cell optional.
- Wide, continuous wavelength ranges for test flexibility.
- Automatic absorption, transmission, factor and concentration by microprocessor
- High photometric and wavelength accuracy for the best results by having a 6 nm bandwidth.
- Low stray radiant energy and noise for unequivocal readings, even at high absorbencies.
- Excellent stability characteristics for reliable test results
- Carefully designed. Easy operation and maintenance.
- High absolute reading accuracy, outstanding stability and reproducibility with distinct digital display.
- F.D.A. Licensed.
- Very competitive price.
- Can be applied for constant temperature & kinetic test by optional parts.
- At Labomed, we believe greatly in the accuracy of our spectrophotometers. We are so sure of the quality that we can include 2 testing filters (optional) for testing calibration.
- Computer System is optional (NOT INCLUDED).
- Auto zero/Auto calibration.
- Optional flow cuvette - Temperature.
Technical Specifications:
- Optical System: Single Beam Spectrophotometer
- Wavelength Range: 320-1100nm.
- Light Source : Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
- Detector: Silicon Photodiode
- Wavelength Accuracy: 2nm.
- Wavelength Reproducibility: 0.5nm.
- Spectral Band Pass: 6nm.
- Stray Light : <0,5%T. at 360nm.
- Transmittance Range: 0-100% (T)
- Absorption Range: 0-1999 (A)
- Concentration Range: 0-2000
- Photometric Accuracy: +0.5% (T) +0.004A
- Transmittance Reproducibility: 0-100%T. 0.5% (T)
- Monochromator: Grating Mirror 1200 Lines/nm
- Multi Cell Holder: 4 Cuvettes
- Power Supply : 230V. 50Hz/110V 60Hz
- Dimensions: 22*(W) x 14* (D) x 11 ½ (H) Inches
- Net Weight : 35 Lbs.
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