EComparator 2000 Series

Progressing from Visual to Automatic Colour Measurement

The EComparator series advances colour measurement to enable users to progress from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) results. Traditionally, the Lovibond® team has been renowned for its supply of electronic (spectrophotometric) and visual (comparator method) instruments. Colour graders who are used to the traditional comparator series sometimes find the upgrade to an electronic system daunting. The assurance of relying on physical colour difference is diminished. This transition has now been made easy.
The EC 2000 range provides users with a Two Field View visual representation in alignment with the popular Lovibond® Comparator 2000+ system widely used today.

With the EComparator series, viewers can view the colour difference with on-screen colour and on-screen numerical display. Touch screen technology makes the EComparator easily programmable with instinctive menus on screen. Users can set language, date and time, view preferences and create projects with individual tolerance settings “within tolerance” (green), “outside tolerance” (red) and “on border of tolerance” (amber) provides the user with immediate information on the sample.
Product Varients
EC 2000 Pt Co Petroleum Oils & Waxes
Water & Waste Waters
Colour (ASTM D1209) & (ASTM D5386)
EC 2000 Gardner Petroleum Oils & Waxes Gardner Colour
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