As a closed pressure system, Berghof Digestec is not only used as a pressure digestion system in analytical chemistry but also as a high pressure reactor in chemical research and development. Thanks to being completely lined with PTFE, the system is particularly well suited to metal-free working with mineral acids under elevated pressures and temperatures.
Flexible application
Thanks to being simple to fill and the continuous reaction process, the pressure digestion bombs are easy to use by lab specialists and can be integrated quickly into laboratory routine. Continuous heating means that the reaction time can be extended almost indefinitely. Pressure digestions and synthesis methods be carried out overnight and therefore do not take up capacity in the laboratory required for other activities.
Berghof PTFE
The pressure digestion systems are fitted with PTFE inserts of different volumes. By manufacturing its products in house, Berghof can guarantee that the purity and quality of the material is exceptional. The plastic possesses outstanding chemical resistance and allows working temperatures of up to 500 °F.
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