Spectro UV-Vis is a precise scanning Spectrophotometer with a new design of 8 microprocessor automatic 2 row cell holder that moves noiseless with a special membrane. This has a single detector and a very accurate system.
Spectro UV-Vis is microcomputer-controlled and has a large LCD display to work independently. It can also be linked to a computer and a printer to show Photometric and Spectral data in the PC monitor. This connection is controlled by the RS232 AND USB interface, compatible with Windows XP, & and 8, using the new UVWin 6.0 UV-VIS application software.
Spectro UV-Vis is also capable of performing kinetic test by an optional Peltier constant temperature system, and can test flow through liquid by the optional Sipper Flow Through System.
Spectro UV-Vis can be used as an accurate system for qualitative and quantitative analysis of analytical test, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Clinical Analysis, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture Labs, Quality control, Industry and research.
Spectro UV-Vis can perform protein, nucleic acid, DNA/RNA micro and macro measurements, that can also be printed using an external HP 600/800 series printer or a PC printer.

Spectro UV-Vis with fixed bandwidth of 1 nm (UVS-2700).

This Spectro can be used by itself or linked to a PC and comes with a USB interface to connect to the computer.

Baseline Stability: The monitoring ratio system enhances baseline stability.

Excellent Resolution: The big-caliber light path enhances the instrument’s energy, reduces its noise and raises its resolution performance.

Automatic successive measurement: The automatic eight-cell sample holder offers the automatic measurement of eight samples in succession. So it can bring about one-touch measurement of the solution of seven samples and a blank.

User-friendly light source: The light source performs an automatic interchange, selectable within the working range of the light source. The socket deuterium lamps and tungsten lamps facilitate light source replacement, simplify maintenance and reduce operation error.

Convenient Display: The large backlit LCD screen displays both photometric values and spectral curves.

Full use of Computer Technology: Being computer controlled with compatible with Windows XP, & and 8, using the new UVWin 6.0 UV-VIS application software, offering a wide range of uses and applications.

The key components are all adopted from the world famous manufacturer, such as deuterium lamp, silicon photodiode and holographic grating, which ensures the stabilization and credibility of the Instrument for extended life.

Computer System is optional (NOT INCLUDED).
Technical Specifications:
1) Optical System: Spectro Single Beam
- Wavelength Range: 190 nm – 1100 nm
- Spectral Bandwidth: 1.0 nm (UVS-2700)
- Wavelength Display: 0.1 nm resolution
- Stray Light: ≤0.12%T (220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2)
- Wavelength Accuracy: +0.3nm (with automatic wavelength correction)
- Wavelength Reproducibility: +0.2 nm
2) Photometric System: Single Beam ratio monitoring system (UVD-2700)
- Optical System: The crossed monochromator with the high-resolution, diffraction holographic grating.
- Photometric Method: Transmittance, absorbance, energy and concentration
- Photometric Range: -0.3~3.0 Abs
+0.002Abs (0~0.5Abs)
- Photometric Accuracy: +0.004Abs (0.5~1.0Abs)
+0.15%T (0~100%T)
+0.001Abs (0~0.5Abs)
- Photometric Reproducibility: +0.002Abs (0.5~1.0Abs)
+0.15%T (0~100%T)
- Baseline Flatness: ±0.002 Abs (200-1100nm)
- Baseline Stability: 0.001Abs/30 min (2 hours warming up, 2nm Bandwidth at 500nm)
- Scanning Speed: 1400nm/min or Selectable
- Interface Card: RS-232
- Detector: Dual Silicon photodiodes
- Photometric Display: -9999 ---- 9999
- Photometric Noise: ±0.001Abs (500nm, 30 min warmup)
- Slew rate of Wavelength: 3600nm/min.
- Standard Functionality: Photometric, Quantitative, Spectrum and DNA measurements
3) DNA/RNA Measurement:  
- Results Printout. Printing of measured data by using HP Deskjet 600/800 series (optional)
4) Mainframe: Compact and standalone spectrophotometer mainframe
- Light Source: Socket Deuterium Lamp and Socket Tungsten Halogen Lamp.
- Detector: Silicon photodiode
- Software Support: UVWin 6.0
- Display: Digital LCD Display
- Sample Chamber: Automatic eight-cell sample holder/changer
- Size: 22"x16"x10”
- Weight: 55 Lb.
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