The Lovibond® Comparator 2000+ is an instrument for visually assessing and comparing a coloured sample against a set of coloured standards.

Available as single or multi parameter kits and using the guaranteed quality of Lovibond® Tablet Reagents, the Comparator 2000+ System is extremely versatile yet uncompromising in terms of precision and reproduceability of results.

Unique features include a prism enabling colour matching in a single field of view, and test discs containing fade-free glass colour standards to ensure long term stability and accurate colour matching.
Accessories such as portable and bench top Lighting Units allow consistent viewing conditions in any environment. Nessleriser Systems and longer path length cells increase the detection range to ppb levels and allow for higher disc resolution.

Over 400 individual discs are available for Water and Colour applications. Each disc contains fade free, chemical resitant glass colour standards for prolonged use in any environment.

For traceability and confidence, individual discs can be certified against master colour standards in the Lovibond® laboratory.

The full range of Lovibond® Comparator Discs for water analysis can be found on the Comparator 2000 Discs page. Please select the Parameter to be measured according to the alphabetical listings.
Product Name Type Test Name Range
2000+ Lovibond® Comparator Comparator 2000 Turbidity 0-1100 NTU
AF100 Water Disinfection Kit Comparator 2000 Chlorine
Chlorine (total)
pH Value
Sodium Hypochlorite
0.2-4 mg/l
5-50 mg/l
2-16 %
AF357 Potable Water Kit Comparator 2000 Chloride
Hardness Total
pH Value
0-5000 mg/l
0.02-0.3 mg/l; 0.2-4.0 mg/l
0-1.6 mg/l
0-500 mg/l CaCO3
10-90 mg Pt/l
AF358 Sewage and Domestic Effluents Kit Comparator 2000 Ammonia
pH Value
0-1 mg/l N
0.05-0.5 mg/l N
0-60 mg/l
4-8; 8-9.6
0-0.5 mg/l S
0.1-1 mg/l; 1-10mg/l
Aluminium Kit AF157 Comparator 2000 Aluminium 0-0.5 mg/l
Amines 3/64 Kit Comparator 2000 Amines 0-2 mg/l
Amines Kit AF274 Comparator 2000 Amines 1-10 mg/l
Ammonia Kit AF158 Comparator 2000 Ammonia 0-0.4 mg/l
Ammonia Kit AF159 Comparator 2000 Ammonia 0-1.0 mg/l
Ammonia Kit AF160 Comparator 2000 Ammonia 0-10 mg/l
Bromine Kit AF108A Comparator 2000 Bromine 0.2-2 mg/l
Chlorine Dioxide 3/40AD Kit Comparator 2000 Chlorine Dioxide 0.19-1.9 mg/l
Chlorine Dioxide Kit AF112ED Comparator 2000 Chlorine Dioxide 0.04-0.57 mg/l
Chlorine Free & Combined Kit AF112A Comparator 2000 Chlorine 0-1 mg/l
Chlorine Free & Combined Kit AF112B Comparator 2000 Chlorine 0.2-4.0 mg/l
Chlorine Free & Combined Kit AF112K Comparator 2000 Chlorine 0-6 mg/l
Chlorine High / Low Range Kit AF110 Comparator 2000 Chlorine
Chlorine (total)
0-1 mg/l
5-50 mg/l
Chlorine High Range AF103 Kit Comparator 2000 Chlorine (total) 0-250 mg/l
Chlorine High Range Kit AF102 3/2APH Comparator 2000 Chlorine (total) 2-10 mg/l
Chlorine High Range Kit AF102 3/2ARP Comparator 2000 Chlorine (total) 0-50 mg/l
Chlorine Low Range Kit AF112E Comparator 2000 Chlorine 0.02-0.3 mg/l
Chlorine pH Kit AF116A Comparator 2000 Chlorine
pH Value
0-1 mg/l
Chlorine Shipboard Kit AF112G Comparator 2000 Chlorine 0.02-0.5 mg/l
Chromium AF363 Kit Comparator 2000 Chromium 10-100 µg/l
Copper 3/110 Kit Comparator 2000 Copper 0-4 mg/l
Copper Kit AF162 Comparator 2000 Copper 0-1 mg/l
DEHA Kit AF640 Comparator 2000 DEHA 16-160 µg/l
Fluoride Kit AF608/S Nessleriser 2150 Fluoride 0-1.6 mg/l
Hydrazine 3/126 Kit Comparator 2000 Hydrazine 0-0.5 mg/l
Hydrazine 3/135 Kit Comparator 2000 Hydrazine 0.02-0.2 mg/l
Hydrogen Peroxide 3/50A Kit Comparator 2000 Hydrogen Peroxide 0.05-0.5 mg/l
Hydrogen Peroxide Kit AF135B Comparator 2000 Hydrogen Peroxide 0.1-3 mg/l
Ozone Kit AF381 Comparator 2000 Ozone 0-1 mg/l
Ozone Kit AF388 Comparator 2000 Ozone 0-0.5 mg/l
pH Comparator 2000 Kit 2/1G, 5.2-6.8 Comparator 2000 pH Value 5.2-6.8
pH Comparator 2000 Kit 2/1H 6.0-7.6 Comparator 2000 pH Value 6.0-7.6
pH Comparator 2000 Kit 2/1J, 6.8-8.4 Comparator 2000 pH Value 6.8-8.4
pH Comparator 2000 Kit Universal, 4-11 Comparator 2000 pH Value 4-11
Phosphate 3/133 Kit Comparator 2000 Phosphate 0-4.0 mg/l PO4
Phosphate 3/136 Kit Comparator 2000 Phosphate 0-40 mg/l PO4
Sodium Hypochlorite Kit AF139 Comparator 2000 Sodium Hypochlorite 2-16%
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