Why is Solid Fat Content so important?

Solid Fat Content (SFC) is a key characteristic that can influence appearance, the way flavour is released, its melting profile, shelf-life and stability of fat-containing food products. The melting profile (Solid Fat Content vs. Temperature) determines the specific application of the edible oil/fat thus is an important quality control parameter for both the suppliers and end users, as well as for the purpose of product development. SFC is therefore an essential measurement for the characterisation of edible oils/fats used in the bakery, confectionery and margarine industries, one for which for which a rapid and convenient method is required.

In addition, increasing legislation associated with reducing or eliminating trans fatty acids is causing renewed interest in the method since many conventional products will need to be reformulated.
What are the advantages of the MQC?

Measuring Solid Fat Content by NMR is the generally accepted method for determining the melting profile of fats and oils throughout the food industry.

The MQC benchtop NMR analyser has a number of advantages for this application including:

- It complies with all internationally-accepted official Direct Methods for SFC measurement: ISO 8292-1, AOCS Cd 16b-93; and IUPAC 2.150
- Easy-to-use, intuitive software: Instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese
- A small benchtop footprint: The monitor can be attached to the magnet and the electronics placed on another level
- A user serviceable probe: Easily removed and taken apart without tools for cleaning
- The instrument is provided with a set of stable standards for calibration
- The instrument has been validated against AOCS proficiency standards MQC SFC

Complete Package

Oxford Instruments offers a package especially tailored to the measurement of Solid Fat Content:

- Oxford Instruments MQC23 NMR Analyser Dedicated software suite for Solid Fat Content measurements, providing simple routines for calibration, measurement and reporting of results
- A set of 3 artificial standards at 0, 30 and 70% Solid Fat Content for determining the f-factor and thereafter routine QC checks
- Test/tuning sample 10mm glass tubes
- User manuals
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